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Making The Best of Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots jackpots have always been a topic of controversy or for discussion Gone are the days when progressive slot machine were only developed by a single manufacturer. Nowadays, various companies now introduce new slot machines that are capable of adapting to the progressive jackpot system as well as include bonus or secondary screens into the game. For many casino operators, these machines spell the difference between massive revenues or massive loses.

Many slots players are not aware that there are two levels of progressive slots play - the first or primary, and the second or secondary. Most of them are the three coin machine types with many areas of level jackpots as well as pay symbol potentials.

For players with the urge to win big, it is never a bad move to bet the maximum number of coins required. Many players ignore this or do not follow the procedure and then proceed to rant once they hit the jackpot and do not collect anything. Players must realize that machines do not make errors if the human factor is lacking. There have been many stories wherein players have settled for a measly sum instead of the jackpot for failing to use the number of coins required to win.

The 'primary' jackpot offered by slots is the top prize given to players who hit a specific combination. In some casinos linked with specific slots machines, when a manufacturers symbols lines up, a jackpot is automatically declared. This type of jackpot is announced to the entire casino by its blinking lights or candles above the slot machine.

Secondary jackpots are shown on smaller screens just underneath the main jackpot panel and the increases to the number of coins played. The secondary jackpots are hit more frequently and do not payout large amounts as the primary jackpot. Many playes who play progressive sometimes do not bank on winning the primary but have their sights set on the secondary. For them, winning many secondary jackpots is preferable than not winning anything.

Before players start using progressive slots machines, one should inspect the primary and secondary jackpots and compare them with other slots machines to gauge the odds of winning the jackpots as well as their starting amounts.

If one is in a quandary of what game to play, game attendants and slot hosts in the casino are more than helpful to help lost players find the right slot to play.