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Thunderstruck Slot Ranks High Among Online Slots

Providers of internet gambling software are very competitive and it is easy to understand why. With the expectations of today's average slots player, if these providers do not constantly provide innovative slots games, they're sure to find themselves overrun by competition. Now when it comes to online slot games available out there, it's a good idea for the player to do some research first instead of just trying out any random online slot game. We don't want to waste money on online slot games that we don't enjoy.

There are online slots that are very popular among all age groups. Ranking high on the list is the Thunderstruck slot. The Thunderstruck slot, created by MicroGaming Software has nine amazing pay lines with five reels. There are a lot of symbols in the Thunderstruck slot and it accepts different denominations. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Thunderstruck slot is well loved; it caters not only to the high rollers but it offers online slot players who are working on a limited budget a chance to enjoy the game and win big.

Now for those who like to bet big, the player has the option of betting five coins per pay line. So supposing the player bets five coins for every spin, that's a total of forty five. Even though the Thunderstruck slot is not among those progressive online slots, the ten thousand jackpot is appealing. The Thunderstruck slot has both wild symbols and scatter symbols that give the player the chance to double their winnings although the maximum is ten thousand. With the Thunderstruck slot, even if the player doesn't win the ten thousand dollars, they still get a chance to win a smaller amount of two thousand dollars. Not bad for such an affordable game.

The symbol that should bring the sparkle into any player's eye and that big smile is the symbol of Thor. Once Thor, the God of Lightning, appears on the reels five times, this means that the player will win a jackpot of ten thousand dollars. When Thor comes out in the Thunderstruck slot together with other symbols with the exception of the twin rams, it can either be a multiplier or a wild symbol.

Online slots come in many different themes and it is up to the player to find a game that they know they will enjoy playing. The jackpot should not be the only consideration in online slots we should also consider many other things to make sure we get the most out of our online slot game.